2020 Round Up / 2021 Goals

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2020 Year Round Up

2020 started off strong! We supported our veteran community and donated to our selected organization, War Fighter Scuba. Then COVID hit. Throughout the rest of 2020  everyone experienced some challenges, whether it was adjusting to working from home, not seeing any family or friends during the lock down, job loss, and even losing friends/family members to the COVID, we can all say, we struggled.

At Freedom Extracts, it was no different. Since we are a small business, we rely on getting out and educating people about CBD but with the lock down in place, we were limited to online only. With our loyal customers support and social media, we managed to stay afloat. Just like many other small businesses we had to improvise and adapt to the new situation put in front of us. We made the best of it and we still had a pretty good year.

Freedom Extracts CBD, Lewisville, TX

Along with the COVID changes, we also had changes happening with CBD Regulations in Texas. This required us to move into a retail space which is now our new home in Lewisville. This location is still in progress but we hope to have our Grand Opening early next Spring.

We worked on refining some of our current products and brought our labeling up to standard. Also, after all your feedback, we introduced a couple of new products that have become some of our more popular items throughout the holidays. As always all our products are handmade and third party tested to ensure you get the best quality CBD.

NTX Gift Bags

We partnered up with North Texas Patriot Anglers and will continue to support them throughout 2021. We were also nominated for a Texas Hemp Award! This came as a surprise but we are very honored to be part of the event. 

Texas Hemp AwardsWith the new year around the corner, start thinking of some goals that you were not able to accomplish in 2020 and make them big! We are also working on our goals, both  professionally and personally. We have some great plans that we will start implementing at the start of the year with our new facility, which always includes continuing to provide affordable CBD, to continue to support our Veteran and First Responder community and expand our brand.

As always, Thank You for your support. We look forward to continuing to serve you and providing the best CBD product for you. You can reach us at Freedom@FreedomExtracts.com or on Social Media. Also, feel free to call or text us at 940.600.1596 

Happy 2021!

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