#75HARD Completed!

So yesterday was Day 75 on the #75HARD Program! I can’t believe it's over! Again, for those who have never heard of #75HARD and don’t know all the details,  here is a quick rundown of the program:

  • Two 45 minute workouts (one must be outdoors)
  • Take a Progress Picture
  • Read 10 Pages of a Book (non-fiction, something that will actually help you in life)
  • Drink 1 Gallon of Water
  • Follow A Diet
  • No Cheat Meals or Alcohol

EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! … for 75 Days!! 

To start I will say that I feel amazing! Physically, Mentally, Emotionally...everything. I’ve had some challenges along the way to say the least, and there were days when I thought it would be easier on my mental state to just quit, but I didn’t. And NO, that wouldn’t have been good for my mental state. With the support of my team I pushed through. I got my sister to join me doing the program and on those tough days she reminded me why I was doing this. On the late, tired nights after our house was flooded from the snowstorm, I wanted to quit, but my boyfriend (or as he like to say “my boochacho”) reminded me that this is what the whole program is all about. I am very fortunate to have that much support.

I started the program on 29 December 2020 weighing 124.8lbs and today, 75 days later I am 126.4lbs. Like I mentioned in my last blog, losing weight was not my goal with this program. My goal is to get healthy in general, and have a better mindset moving forward in life and I feel I surpassed that. I started off barely able to do any kinds of exercise due to my Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis. I was in so much pain on a daily basis, some days I could barely open a door, so forget about running and working out like I was used to doing. I really thought it was over for me. So I took this as the opportunity to really focus on me for 75 days and change my eating, sleeping, and any negative habits I picked up. Here’s what I did:

Follow a Diet:  I followed the Autoimmune Protocol Elimination Diet for the first 45 days. The original plan says 30 days but at the 30 day mark I wasn’t satisfied with the improvement so I stretched it out to 45 days. At that point I slowly followed the Reintroduction Phases and added certain foods a few days at a time. I was happy to get back certain foods/drinks I enjoy, like coffee. That was a huge hit for me but even at this point, I started with Organic Decaf (Swiss Water Process) just to be safe. I drank a cold blend of ice water, one whole lemon and CBD infused olive oil on most mornings to help with the pain as well. After 75 days of carefully watching what I feed my body, I managed to figure out a few things that do trigger my pain. I will have to either cut those foods out or just have them in moderation if I’m not ready to commit to that yet.

No Alcohol or Cheat Meals: This really wasn’t too much of an issue for me since I was really serious about dealing with my RA issues. It was difficult on special occasions or events where everyone was drinking, but I just kept drinking my water.

Two 45 Minute Workouts:  I never thought I would ever walk so much. But in the beginning, this was the most I could do outside. I alternated some days with an outdoor KB workout but it was usually walking outdoors. I got to listen to a lot of good podcasts during this time so I ended up really looking forward to the walks. I couldn’t even imagine any real change in my body from just walking but I just kept it going. I eventually got well enough to start running and I ended my last couple of weeks on the program with running up to 4.5 miles. My sister also got me hooked on this Peloton app, so I did a lot of yoga as well, which I needed once the running started.  My pain was about 90% gone at this point. I still have days when I am a bit sore after running and yoga but I am happy just to get back to something I love. I was able to change it up using the app and found different workouts to help me stay motivated as well.

Take a Progress Picture: I am not a picture taker!! This was the one thing I hated doing. But you know what, I am so glad I did. When I started this program, I thought I wouldn’t even notice any change especially because all I was doing was walking, but I was wrong!!! The progress along the way was unbelievable. I know that I wouldn't have noticed it, if I hadn’t taken those pics. So now I am glad I did. I debated posting my pics but I really wanted to share the little progress that was noticeable. I knew I wasn’t fat, but my body changed so much in 75 days.

1 Gallon of Water: This was the worst. I did eventually adjust to having a gallon a day, but it was not easy. Some days I was pretty disciplined with drinking throughout the day but the days that I wasn’t as disciplined were the worst. I would be up at 11p, downing a bunch of water… and of course that leads to bathroom trips at 2 or 3a. I found an easy way to track the water by carrying around this gallon jug but it was still something that needed a lot of discipline.

10 Pages of Reading:  I love reading and I am glad I got back to it. I loved most of the books I read, but there was one that was tough to get through. I learned a lot through those books and I still have a lot more on my list to check off. I hope to maintain the reading after this.

So, at the end of 75 days, I feel better… a lot better!!!. I feel a lot more productive. Even in the midst of my house flooding and other real life stuff, I managed to still get all my tasks done and continued to go to work and build my business. I feel like I got some of my drive back that I lost from letting life happen to me. I am glad I got it back!

I am still contemplating whether or not I will be moving on to Phase I of the #LiveHARD program. Right now, I want to take a few days to get my house finished, eat some food that I haven’t had in a while and drink some beer. Either way, I am looking forward to the next “phase”, whatever that is.

If you are interested in taking your own #75HARD journey, go to 75HARD.com and get all the info. I would love to support you!










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