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Freedom Extracts is a veteran owned & operated online CBD shop and our story will most likely sound familiar to most vets and others who have been dealing with any ongoing physical or mental health issue.

We started FE mainly to provide a healthy alternative to prescription medications. Too often, the VA’s only solution to every problem is to take some kind of pill. And if that one causes another problem, don’t worry, there is another pill that will fix that. Before you know it, you are taking between 10-12 pills a day. Besides the obvious reasons why this doesn’t work, (gut issues, isolation, depression, insomnia or the opposite hypersomnia, etc.) the pills are not curing the real health issue, it's just covering it up by relieving the symptoms.

We have also at some point, whether we’d like to admit it or not, have tried to deal with issues on our own by self medicating with hard drugs and alcohol. This usually sends one into a downward spiral and ends up in losing your job, pushing our loved ones away, or worse, suicide. It is not a secret that we lose more veterans to suicide than we do to anything else.

Our goal is to promote some healthy and productive options to most things you have already tried. We will be posting a series of upcoming events, challenges and ideas to get you to deal with most of your issues in a more productive way. Now that’s not to say, you should just stop taking your meds or stop seeing your therapist, but this is more to get you thinking about a more long term plan.

Some easy things that you can start doing immediately to help is to drink plenty of water, start (or continue) getting active, eat clean nutrient dense foods, get enough sleep every night, have one person you trust that you can go to anytime.

We promote living a healthy lifestyle, however, if you need help, get help!

Please be sure to check back for more about getting active, eating right, etc.

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