About Us

Freedom Extracts is a veteran owned and operated small business whose mission is to help veterans and all people feel better in a healthy, natural way. We started this business because we wanted to share what has worked for us with fellow veterans and others who share similar issues. We are focused on finding and creating the cleanest affordable products for all of our customers.


Co-Founder: S. BGame, SGT, USMC
BGame served in the US Marine Corps for nine years as an Infantry Marine. He was stationed in Camp Pendleton and 29 Palms CA and also served in the Global War on Terrorism as well as Operation Iraqi Freedom. After his enlistment, he returned to his hometown of Dallas, TX and pursued a career in Commercial Underwater Welding for 12 years. BGame was prescribed 11 different VA medications for chronic pain and anxiety, however, the medication was not conducive to his active life style. After learning about and experiencing the benefits of CBD, BGame has been VA med free for three years and now educates his fellow veterans of the benefits.

Co-Founder: L. Roca, SGT, US Army
Roca served in the US Army for eight years as a Signal Corps soldier. She was stationed in Okinawa, Japan, Korea and other stateside locations. She returned to her hometown of NYC after her enlistment where she pursued a career in IT as a Software Developer for about eight years. After struggling with anxiety for many years, Roca decided to try CBD and saw improvement almost immediately, and has been able to manage her anxiety and move forward with her life.

Roca and BGame met at a local veteran fundraising event. They realized quickly that they had similar issues faced by most veterans. Since they both also shared the same passion to help their fellow brothers and sisters in the veteran community, they worked together to create Freedom Extracts.

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