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Freedom Extracts is a Veteran owned and operated small CBD shop whose mission is to help veterans and all people feel better in a healthy, natural way. We started this business because we wanted to share what has worked for us with fellow veterans and others who share similar issues. We are focused on finding and creating the cleanest affordable products for all of our customers. (Read More...)

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Our newest featured product is a special one since it hits very close to home for us. Carry The Load is an event that we have been a part of since it started. Every year, Carry The Load honors our fallen heroes. The host different events around the country leading up to Memorial Day. This event allows us to really remember our heroes and the true meaning of memorial day.

With Memorial Day just around the corner, we are super excited to partner up and support their mission by helping to raise money for this amazing organization. This year, Freedom Extracts will be donating 50% of the proceeds of this special limited time product below, Gold Star CBD Gummies. We will also have special giveaways at the Dallas event. Be sure to add these to your cart to order and contribute to a great cause through 14 June 2021.

Use promo code CTL2021 you will receive 25% off your purchase. Also, If you haven't signed up for Carry The Load yet, go to their website and get registered with our team. If you can't make it, donate here!

Freedom Extracts CBD Gold Star Gummies
Freedom Extracts CBD Gold Star Gummies

Freedom Extracts CBD Gold Star Gummies

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